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“...fantastic and entirely captivating...a page-turner replete with authentic period details, excellent and witty dialogue, and a layered plot worthy of the finest of Hollywood's golden age."
          - Anthony Caplan, author of Amazon #1 bestseller, Savior, 

" eloquent work of art..." - Meghan Hyden, 

“...a complex story that both satisfies and subverts the reader's expectations...City of Whores displays an excellent sense of plot and pacing...the historical settings sparkle..." - Foreword Reviews

"Deftly mixing fictional characters with well-known personalities of Hollywood’s Golden Age, this subtly powerful novel is neither slick nor sleazy, and thankfully devoid of caricature. Milly, Lilly and Dex are finely drawn with foibles of the flesh, in a Truman Capote–like piece that may leave readers pining for Bogie and Bacall. At heart, it’s a love story, deeply affecting and tinged with pathos...the big reveals are played less for shock than emotional resonance... Overall, the narrative is rich in detail, and everything matters in this fully realized world. A poignant tale of unrequited love and sexual longing, which burns slowly and lingers..."- Kirkus Reviews

"A delicious debut novel. Perry weaves his small town hero Dexter Gaines through 1950s Hollywood, featuring guest appearances by Tallulah Bankhead, Rock Hudson, Judy Garland, and many others. Sexy, dishy, and filled with duplicity, sometimes Hollywood endings don't turn out exactly the way you'd expect. Pour yourself a champagne cocktail and enjoy." - Ann Hamilton, author of Expecting

"...a page-turner with a big heart. It's irresistible."  

          - Bill Barol, author of Thanks For Killing Me

"...the characters are fleshed out, complex, and believable, and...will keep readers turning pages."

          - Meg Stivison,

" excellent read [that] brings the historical settings to life.

Perry has created a read which is unconventional and will tug your a glitzy but dark world."

          - Nin Eld,

"...heartbreaking and profound...a wonderfully enjoyable read."

          - Jennifer Cecil, writer-producer Private Practice, Hell on Wheels

"I can't imagine you could ever have more fun than bringing Tallulah Bankhead completely back to life." - Caty Burgess, The CW

"The details just dance to life. It's so specific and heartbreaking because these characters are standing on the edge of an era that's about to end..." - Stephanie SenGupta, writer-producer Law & Order, Hawaii Five-0, Reign