MUSIC is a time machine--whether pop tunes from distinctive eras or orchestral compositions that have the power to transport and inspire. From the lush, smokey sounds of the extraordinary artists in Milford Langen's "Urban Idyll," to the emotionally evocative movie scores of the incomparable Rachel Portman and Jerry Goldsmith, their delicious sounds are the perfect complement to the mood and atmosphere of City of Whores. Much of this music has been collected in a City of Whores playlist on, and loosely programmed to follow the book's narrative, though some of the scarcer tunes--such as Tallulah Bankhead singing "Don't Tell Him," and The Bob Thompson Orchestra's insanely swinging version of "Mad About the Boy"--haven't yet made it into the digital age. In those cases, reasonable substitutions have been made. Portman's lyrical, pathos-laden score for HBO's Grey Gardens go well with Dan and Tally in the wondrous decay of the house on South Windsor, while Goldsmith's accompaniment to L.A. Confidential perfectly fuels Dexter's shrieking fury in his final encounter with Milly. To immerse yourself in the world of City of Whores, just click on the logo. There's no doubt that Milford Langen would have loved