A view of Milford B. Langen's final resting place in what is today Hollywood Forever Cemetery, eternal slumber in the shadow of Paramount Studios.

Rear facade of the mansion, facing southeast. Just below the bottom edge of the rendering would be the pool and "Urban Idyll." No photos survive.

The Hancock Park home of Milford Langen and Lillian Sinclair circa 1952.

Architect's rendering, facing southwest.

The famous (infamous?) Duck Suite, U-87, U-90, and U-91 aboard the superliner SS United States. (Photo circa 1952, pre-maiden voyage, from the author's collection)

The El Palazar Apartments on Sycamore, just above 3rd, where Dex "disappeared."

The famous Formosa Cafe on Santa Monica Boulevard (just west of La Brea) where Dexter met Alden.

The Arcadia Theater in Tyler, Texas, circa 1948, where Daniel Root/Dexter Gaines fell in love with the movies.

Facing North on South Windsor Boulevard just below 5th Street. Windsor terminates to the north at the famous Paramount Studios gate, meaning Milly and Lilly essentially lived on Paramount's driveway--a bit of trivia which was omitted from the story.